We guide our actions with elements of art and innovation, in which you can show a unique and exclusive style

INNOVART is a company with extensive experience in the development and implementation of designs, decor, furnishing and interior comprehensive advice to Canadian households and businesses.

From a human perspective, we support the definition and implementation of alternatives solutions that enable our clients guide their design and renovation projects, according to their tastes, needs and lifestyles.



Passionate about innovation, creativity, uniqueness and simplicity, Melissa’s goal is to inspire and support the creation of timeless living spaces.

Entrepreneur and founder of Innovart Design since 2015 Melissa has built her business on a reputation of listening and exceeding clients’ expectations. Detailed oriented and with the strength capacity to understand the client’s needs, she ensures quality and client guiding on a stress-free journey to a beautiful home.

With more than 9 years of experience blending architectural details, design styles as well as different materials, Melissa loves to be involved through the entire project to ensure that last detail has been thought of and implemented to completion. She always strives to deliver the best value to her clients by ensuring a smooth process with the design, trades and resources.

Melissa, values strong homeowner-designer relations in order to build a client partnership approach that makes them the best team to tackle home transformation projects.



Action and results-oriented entrepreneur, Raul has more than 3 years of experience coordinating material deliveries and supplier relations within the construction/contractor’s world. He is in charge of all the planning, controlling, organizing, scheduling, and evaluating construction projects; from start to finish. He also takes care of the work execution schedule and budgeting.

Raul supervises the job phases from the pre-project phase, construction phase, and execution phase and manages the budget and follow-up during the entire project. He is also in charge of all the necessary permits, papers/ requirements, inspections are approved in time before starting the job and trade and suppliers’ negotiations.

He explores his creative skills and passion for detail participating in photographing and video recording real estate project developments.

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“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space”


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