Are you looking to refresh your home, rooms for this spring, but don’t know how to do it?

Try some of these techniques’:

Try to fresh up your paint

Refreshing the colour palette in a room can be at first overwhelming but with time could be one of the best inexpensive solutions. Not only the walls could be repaint, but also, ceiling, accents, trim, doors, cabinets, etc. Sometimes just an accent colour for a wall or ceiling could create that impact that you are looking for.

Add green (plants) to your space

Adding plants to your space not only brings life, good energy but also some colour to your rooms. Plants are considered as accessories or accents pieces on the design. When using the proper plants, it could give the illusion of taller spaces when space is not too high.

Move around your accessories

An easy way to make a change/upgrade in your living space is, changing the pillows, adding new throws, moving around the décor accessories, moving the artwork. I always do this at my own place when changing seasons; it is easy to do as well as inexpensive. When doing this, the best advice I could give you is to clean everything up as if you were going to move out or do a deep cleaning, and start from a fresh canvas, this way the ideas will flow without hesitation and the process will bring a lot of fun.

Isn’t this easy?  You could make a refresh at a very inexpensive cost. Let us know how did it go and if you will do it again? If you like it share it with a friend, family member. Hope you had fun and follow us on our instagram account @innovart_design for more of this!