Here are some Feng Shui tips on How to improve your Home Office :


Proper light brings energy and life to the room. Best if there is a combination of natural and artificial light.  When selecting the type of light stay away from fluorescent

Office room colors

Depending on the field you work on you choose the color of the room. If you are looking to stimulate creativity, we suggest pastel colors and white. If you need clarity and concentration use purple. If you are looking to make more money use black. If you are looking for growth and development use green. For stress purposes go with earth tones.

Desk selection

The most important furniture piece of the room is the desk, it most be a steady piece (not leaning), make sure is in good condition and no wobbling. My best suggestion will be to get a wood desk because it is natural material, strong and steady.

How to place your desk

Your desk should be a place where you can see who comes and goes from the room, this includes doors as well as windows. This seating signifies fully success. Your back should also face a wall. In the event your space doesn’t allow you to have your desk face the door and window, our suggestion will be to hang a mirror.

Hang some wall art

select inspiring art to décor your walls, place family pictures, or pictures of people you admire and be inspired.

Use a diffuser

Select a great scent to find calm and balance during your working hours

Use plants

Plants bring life to the room, best choice if the leaves are round. Also try to get what is called the chinesse money plant (Pilea Peperomioides)

It is time for you to start playing with your home office and let us know how you feel and if you see any improvement. Follow your instinct and it’s OK to do one thing at a time. If you have any question reach out. Stay tuned for more feng shui tips on how to improve your home.